Regarding the legal flight of drones in Aomori Prefecture

As a general rule, to fly a drone, you need to have permission from the owner/administrator/organizer of a tourist spot, park, festival or event.

About flying a drone at festival venues and/or events in Aomori

Flying a drone is forbidden for any reasons at all festival venues and events held annually in Aomori Prefecture.

【 Major Festivals in Aomori Prefecture 】
Aomori Nebuta Festival, Hirosaki Neputa Festival, Gosyogawara Tachi-Nebuta, Hachinohe Sansha Taisai Festival, Gosyogawara Fireworks Festival, Nebuta Bay Parade, Towada City Summer Festival, Hachinohe Fireworks Festival, Kuroishi Neputa Festival

【 Other festivals in Aomori Prefecture 】
Ichigoni Festival, Noheji Joyatou Festival, Owani Nebuta Festival, Oominato Nebuta Festival, Oma-town Blue Marine Festival, Kuroishi Yosare, Wakinosawa Hachimangu Reitaisai Festival, Furusato Genki Festival, Noheji Gion Festival, Noheji Fireworks Festival, Mutsu City Fireworks Festival, Ohata Furusato Festival, Misawa Minato Festival, Jacked Fireworks Festival, Lake Towada Kosui Festival, Osorezan Taisai Festival, tan Abu Festival, Tsugaru Fireworks Festival, Tohoku-town Kosui Festival, Misawa Lake Ogawara Kosui Festival, Shichinohe Summer Festival and others.

At these festivals, even if you have permission and/or approval by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, you are not allowed to fly a drone.
In addition, please be understanding that even if your done is categorized as a toy drone (net weight for an aircraft and battery is under 200g), flying a machine over a crowded festival or an event venue is principally forbidden.

About Japanese laws and rules regarding drones

You cannot fly a drone if you cannot follow the laws and rules stated below!

●Drone related law Aviation laws

★★★ No-fly airspace ★★★

Please be advised that in the following airspace, flying a drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) is prohibited by laws.
If you are going to fly one in the prohibited area, you need to have a permission by the director of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Regional Civil Aviation Bureau in advance.

  • To secure the safety of aircrafts departing and landing, you cannot fly a drone without permission near an airport.
  • You cannot fly a drone without permission at elevations over 150 meters from the ground or water surface.
  • You cannot fly a drone over densely populated area without permission.

* Please refer to the map below to find out if your planned area is near an airport or over a densely populated area.
The Geographical Survey Institute Map of Aomori Prefecture Drone Map (The areas in red on the map refer to densely populated areas while the green refers to areas close to airports. )

★★★ Flying method you must observe ★★★

Please follow the rules stated below when flying a drone (unmanned aerial vehicle).
If you have the need to fly a drone outside of the stated rules, you need approval by the director of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Regional Civil Aviation Bureau in advance.

  • Drone flight restricted to daytime only (from sunset to sundown; prohibited at night)
  • While operating a drone, you must maintain visual contact (with your naked eye) of the drone and its surrounding areas at all times.
  • You must maintain a minimum distance of 30 meters from a person (a third person) or an object (a third person's building or a car) when operating a drone.
  • Prohibited from flying a drone over event venues including cultural and religious festivals.
  • Do not carry dangerous objects such as explosives
  • Do not drop anything from a drone
【 Unmanned aerial vehicles subject to the Aviation laws 】
Of aircrafts, rotor crafts, gliders and airships, those that meet the following categories: those that are structurally impossible for humans to ride on and those that can be operated by remote control and/or manipulated automatically (excluding those whose net weight for both aircraft and battery is under 200g). Examples that fit in these criteria are drones (multicopter), radio controlled airplanes and helicopters for agrochemical spray.